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    A portfolio platform to capture young people’s development

    We help educators and youth organisations better manage evidence collection for their programmes. And young people get a professional online profile.

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    Bring their achievements to life with images

    Young people can document their experiences and projects with photos and uploads. This is stored in a single place that is easy to reference and access at anytime.


Key benefits

Capture soft skills development across subjects and curriculums.
Save time by virtually tracking student progress.
A safe way to encourage peer learning and reflection.
Build young people’s confidence and self awareness.
Integrate into group programmes with leader admin.
Give young people ownership and management of their content.
Easy web access anytime from any mobile, desktop or tablet.

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What people are saying


The best thing is that students have something that starts with them and they can build up. They can then select what they want to show.
What's exciting about the tool is that it puts an emphasis on individuals to organise themselves, but with support from local services.
I don’t really know what I’m good at and I find it easier if someone else talks about me… my friend will know what I'm good at.