Prince’s Trust get on board

Princes-TrustWe are delighted that the Prince’s Trust will be getting involved to help develop and test our skills profiling platform within their xl club programme as part of our prototype to product phase of development funded by the Nominet Trust. Our shared vision of tackling youth unemployment and helping young people develop to the best of their ability makes this a great collaboration with huge potential.

Here at Flip Yourself, we aim to support programmes like those run by the Prince’s Trust with digital apps in order to achieve better outcomes for young people looking for work and training opportunities.

Our platform will allow young people to use their social network to get ‘360-degree’ feedback on what they are good. We will be developing features that allow young people to access online coaching from corporate volunteers as part of the programme run by the Prince’s Trust.

Our aim is to help organisations better understand the young people they are working with and tailor packages of support to suit the individual based on their skills development needs. The platform will be integrated into existing programmes so young people can build confidence, learn skills and present themselves so they get noticed.

We met Lauren Hyams, national head of xl programme, after presenting our story at the Google Interactivism event in March. We will be working with her over the next 6 months to develop our prototypes into a market ready product. Exciting times ahead!