Cheyenne talks about looking for jobs

Cheyenne tells it like it is from Flip Jobs on Vimeo. After the first user testing prototype v1 with young people at Camden, we have been wanting to speak with more young people to get to know more about the challenge they face everyday looking for a job. Whilst we plan more activities and interviews, […]

User insight: peer to peer interviews

On the same day as the Camden Apprenticeship open day, we ran a parallel activity with the same group of young people by asking them to interview themselves with a hand-held camera. We wanted to get some insight of: 1. Their background – What does being 16-19 and out of work or school mean? 2. […]

User testing: prototype v1

So FLiP had a big moment! We ran our first user testing of prototype version 1. We had the activity during a Camden Council open day Apprenticeship, where young people interested in finding opportunities came in to learn about the scheme. We were able to test the prototype with twelve of the young people assisting. […]

Theory of Change

As FLiP is a user-led initiative, as a team we are continuously evaluating the results of speaking with the potential FLiP users and stakeholders. Since the concept of FLiP is hugely inclusive and can cover a wide scope, added on the fact that it’s completely dynamic and scalable,  we found ourselves in the need of […]

Scoping workshops with Police Cadets

Last October 14th, FLiP ran a scoping activity at Hackney Police station with a group of 30 young people. We had participants from our supporters: Volunteer Police Cadets, Camden Apprenticeship programme and Young Advisors. The aim of the session was to: understand young people’s capacity to identify and effectively communicate their skills/assets by testing their […]

FLiP funded by NESTA

FLiP is having a great day! We received news that NESTA has approved our application for funding to develop our concept. This will be our first major phase of development in the project. In line with NESTA’s Reboot Britain programme FLiP will demonstrate how new digital technologies can support innovative people-centred services that displace a […]

FLiP gets a Level 1 award from UnLtd

We re happy to say that FLiP has received news from UnLtd and is an UnLtd Level 1 Award winner. UnLtd is a charity that supports social entrepreneurs – people with vision, drive, commitment and passion who want to change the world for the better. That’s us! They do this by providing a complete package […]

Next steps for FLIP

FLIP has lots of potential and we are all looking within the team to take the idea forward. We have met with Social Innovation Camp and NESTA to follow up on the results from the ‘Jailbrake’ and what are the next steps to take. Everyone is happy to know that we are going forwards with […]

Sicamp, Jailbrake Weekend

FLiP started at ‘Jailbrake‘, a competition run by Social Inovation Camp (supported by NESTA) that was looking to find and support great ideas that could break the cycle of youth offending using simple web and mobile tools. Whether it was about helping more young people access services and support, or giving them a way of staying […]