Flip Yourself gets a rebrand

Pentagram's offices

In 2010 we asked ourselves:

“How can technology help young people with convictions to find work that matters to them?”

So, we started building online tools to help people discover their strengths and ‘flip’ criminal careers into positive work opportunities. We grouped the tools under the name of Flip Yourself. It made sense at the time.

However, as we started working with more schools, colleges and young people we realised that there was a huge potential in what we were doing: millions of young people across the UK, Europe and globally are trying to connect to work and training opportunities but with a CV that doesn’t represent their true potential.

This provided us with an opportunity to sharpen our focus and redefine our purpose:

To change the way young people around the world connect to career opportunities by using their life experiences to prove their skills and value.

We had a problem though, the groups of young people we were working with didn’t like our brand, Flip Yourself. To them it sounded, well, a bit rude and not very professional. We realised they were right and decided to change our name. We asked for some help and that’s when Naresh Ramchandani and his team at global design  consultancy Pentagram offered their support pro-bono. Pentagram have developed some of the world’s leading brand identities (such as  V&A, Penguin, United Airlines and The Co-operative,  amongst others) so we were thrilled to have them involved.

Not only have they created a new name and logo for us, but more importantly they worked with us to redefine our proposition. So I am very proud to announce that moving forwards into 2014 we will be known as … Represent.

Represent logo

The logo concept reflects that as people we are shaped by a lifetime of many separate experiences that form us as a whole. We love it and are very proud indeed.

Working with Pentagram was immensely valuable and the result is articulated in our brand principles. These are what we are all about:

  • We value people fully by equally appreciating their practical and academic abilities as well as their character and personality strengths.

  • We promote people credibly so that they feel supported and improve their chances of finding meaningful work by appealing to employers.

We have already been getting feedback from young people, who feel the brand is much more appropriate and relevant to them.

We will be implementing the brand changes over the coming weeks  and all website addresses and emails will be redirected so you don’t have to do a thing.

We have some other exciting announcements coming soon as part of a very exciting year ahead.

You can see our new identity on our sign-up page: thisisrepresent.com.

Bruno and the Team